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An Unparalleled Scribe Experience
At GTM Scribe, we deliver a scribe experience that is tailored to the needs of our clients. We constantly communicate with our providers to get down to minor details on how they need their documentation completed.

We also work very closely with billing departments to find and correct any documenting shortcomings that may be costing our customers billing opportunities. Our motto is to continuously improve our craft — That’s why our scribes are constantly looking for ways to improve and refine the scribing process to make our customers more efficient.

Our Departments

As a medical scribe company, GTM Scribe provides a HIPAA-compliant program available to all doctors whether you prefer traditional on­site medical scribes or the flexibility of virtual scribes.

Virtual Scribes

GTM Scribe virtual scribe is connected to each patient visit via a HIPAA­-compliant cross-platform (tablet, smartphone, and PC) video-conferencing app. With just a tap of your finger, the scribe is connected directly to your appointment. As a highly-trained charting specialist, a GTM Scribe virtual scribe can complete many tasks, including the History of Present Illness (HPI), Review of Systems (ROS), Physical Exam, Assessment/Plan, as well as other data entry. GTM Scribe provides premier scribes committed to compliance, privacy, and superb customer service.

On-Site Scribe

Our in-person medical scribes are passionate about healthcare and work alongside the provider, assisting him/her by documenting into the EHR and performing other clerical duties.

Each scribe goes through our extensive training program to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of your workflow, EHR, provider documentation preferences, and appropriate medical terminology — This prepares them for success from day one.

Optimize Your Emergency Department

Every Emergency Department is unique — That’s why the scribes you bring onto your team will need to adapt to the needs of the department. Your scribe team can be the size you want, work the shifts you need, and use your electronic medical record system.

Scribes offset productivity losses stemming from the time-consuming, click-intensive nature of the EMR. With you in the trauma bay, scribes update the EMR in real-time, so patients’ needs are the main focus, not a computer screen.

For patients who treat the emergency room as a primary care facility, the improved efficiency with scribes helps to right-size your care teams to reduce wait times and don’t get left without being seen. We’ll help you give the community you serve the precision care they need and the unparalleled support your care team deserves.

Emergency Department

15-hour days. Full waiting rooms. Dozens of speedy patient consults. Emergency Department doctors face various exhausting demands every day. Inputting documentation is among the most time-consuming and is responsible for so much doctor burnout. In fact, studies have shown that physicians can spend up to 2 hours in documentation for every hour spent with patients.

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